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For more information about the event, please contact:

Ramona Vanderwyck at (805) 418-0382 or email [email protected]

Jack Nosco
Founder / Chairman / President
Cell: (805) 390-5057
E-mail: [email protected]

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Jack Nosco is all about giving back to his community. As a firefighter, he has dedicated himself not only personally, but also professionally to helping others. Jack is passionate about educating and being involved with youth in our community, as demonstrated by the numerous sports teams he has coached over the years. Jack was devastated when his little brother, Mike Nosco, tragically died in a car accident on November 3, 2004. Every year on November 3rd, Jack struggled miserably through that day. In 2008, he decided to turn that day around and make it a day to honor and celebrate Mike’s life, and do it in a way that gives to those in need in our community. Jack’s zest for life and his high, positive energy is contagious; bringing his love for his brother and his passion for cycling together, Jack has turned what started as a few friends going for a grueling bicycle ride, to mark a miserable day, into an annual event with more than 700 participants that helps people in our community. Family and community are top priorities for Jack, so it’s no surprise that Jack’s wife, Teri, and their three children have all worked endless hours in multiple capacities year after year on the Mike Nosco Memorial Bicycle Ride. The ride is an amazing tribute to Jack’s brother and a powerful community event that helps to support and inspires individuals and families who are battling grievous illnesses.

Ramona Vanderwyck
Co-Founder / Vice President Operations / Secretary
Cell: (805) 418-0382
E-mail: [email protected]

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Ramona Vanderwyck has a passion for helping others, she has volunteered for more than a decade to help in the fight against cancer. In 2017, after 27 years, Ramona retired from Amgen to move into the Non-Profit Sector. She graduated from California Lutheran University in 2017 with her MBA in Non-Profit Social Enterprise and a BS in Business Management. Mike Nosco and Ramona worked together at Amgen for ten years; in addition to working together they became great friends and volunteered together for six years as team captains for Amgen’s Relay for Life team for the American Cancer Society. After Mike’s tragic death, Ramona continued to work on Relay for Life for three more years, and even became Chairperson for the event and dedicated her opening speech to Mike. It was during that speech that Ramona realized that she wanted to be responsible for an event that gives back to our local community and she wanted to do it in honor of her longtime friend and co-worker, Mike Nosco. Ramona approached Jack, Mike’s brother, with the idea and the Michael P. Nosco Foundation, Inc. was born, using the annual Mike Nosco Memorial Bicycle Ride as the foundation’s primary fundraiser. Ramona and Jack have worked together tirelessly since 2008 to make the Mike Nosco Memorial Bicycle Ride the awesome success that it is today.

Amy Marquis
Volunteer & Registration Coordinator
Cell: (805) 480-0050
E-mail: [email protected]

Rob LaRosa
Treasurer / Director

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Rob LaRosa has been a friend and neighbor of the Nosco Family for nearly 20 years. Rob was one of the original buddies that Jack approached to ride the “gnarly” route with him the first year to mark the dreaded anniversary of Mike’s passing, and raise some money to help to a mutual friend’s family whose 13 year old was battling cancer. As the ride grew as an annual event, Rob and his wife, Karen, wanted to do more; the first year Karen set up an aid station at the top of Deer Creek, and a couple of years later Jack asked Rob to be the Treasurer for the Mike Nosco Memorial Bicycle Ride. Keeping overhead expenses as low as possible and growing each year in size, Rob is proud of what the ride has become and of the tremendous effect it has had for some amazing families and individuals in our community. Rob has noted that as time passes, he is witnessing more friends and family of all ages suffering from various cancers and is committed to making a difference and providing a positive vibe to the people in our community.

Tom Kattus

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Tom Kattus is an avid cyclist, runner, and surfer. Tom has been involved in the bicycle industry since 1988. From inventing a specialized racing handlebar, the BreakAway Bar, to owning his own company and working with other high-end cycling and sports-related gear, Tom has been all around the industry and has been at his dream job with Campagnolo North America for the past six years. A mutual friend introduced Tom to Jack Nosco and told him of Jack’s idea to get a bunch of guys together to do an 80-mile bicycle ride in remembrance of Jack’s brother, and also to raise some money to help a family whose son was battling cancer. Tom had a sense of what that family must be going through, as Tom’s family went through a similar ordeal when his 18-year-old son was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma just the year before (after chemotherapy and radiation therapy he is cancer free!). Tom contacted Jack and they hit it off immediately. He suggested to Jack that between his contacts and their mutual friend, Robb Mesecher’s, contacts in the cycling world that they could make the ride bigger and raise more money for the family. What started as hopefully ten guys getting together for the bicycle ride and the hopes of $1,000.00 going to the family, turned into about 130 guys and $15,000.00. Tom has been involved in the ride since day one and has played an integral role in making the Mike Nosco Memorial Bicycle Ride what it is today. Tom is celebrating 10 years at Campagnolo!

Robert “Bob” Schulz

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Bob Schulz is a gifted athlete; he’s been nationally ranked in numerous sports, including professional motocross, professional mountain biking, he’s a national adventure racer – repeat champion, and a state record holder in collegiate crew, to name a few. He has his business degree in Finance from San Diego State University. Bob currently resides in San Diego with his family and operates a very successful screen printing business, creating and producing some of the best clothing in the country. Bob and Jack Nosco have been best friends for more than 35 years, it was only natural that Bob join the Michael P. Nosco Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors; he is an incredible asset to the Board and great friend to the Nosco family.

Matthew Boisjolie
Website Coordinator
Phone: 805-214-2189
E-mail: [email protected]


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