The Michael P. Nosco Foundation, Inc. provides financial relief to families and/or individuals who are confronting a life threatening illness.

The Michael P. Nosco Foundation, Inc. is a qualified 501(c)(3) organization. Click here for our letter of determination.

Our Story

From the beginning in 2009, the Mike Nosco Memorial Bicycle Ride has become an increasingly successful community event that has grown significantly each year. There has been an overwhelming outpouring of generosity from our community, making the ride very special to all that participate – as riders and as volunteers. As I work to preserve my brother’s memory through the Michael P. Nosco Foundation, Inc., my main goal is to provide financial relief to families and/or individuals in our community. The emotional support that comes with 700+ people showing up in their honor is incredible! Your support means a lot to them and goes a long way in providing inspiration and strength to our recipients and their families.

My brother was a very caring and generous person. He would be incredibly proud of what this ride has become. Through the Michael P. Nosco Foundation, Inc. and your participation, I am hopeful that we not only show the recipients our support in our unity, but that we can help them all financially as well. Together, I am confident we can provide each one of these individuals and their families with a renewed perspective and energy as they deal with their respective illnesses on a daily basis. We can do this – the riders, the volunteers, the sponsors, and our business partners – together, we will make it happen! I am extremely grateful for our community’s generosity, dedication and support year after year.

For those new to the ride, let it be known that it is a very tough 80-mile bicycle ride, but one that I believe pales in comparison to what our recipients endure each day. As we struggle to climb Deer Creek, Mulholland, and Latigo Canyon, please keep them in your thoughts and I am sure those climbs will flatten out somewhat (at least in your mind). They won’t go away, but we can all conquer them, and as we reunite at the park, we can stand proud of our accomplishments and of the fact that we are all out there making a difference in the lives of others!

With that being said, I encourage you to register for the ride and make an optional donation. If we all donate a minimum of $100, I am sure we can help these families in ways they never could have imagined. Included in your donation is all the pain and suffering you would ever want in a ride, a free t-shirt, a free post-ride meal, the opportunity to bid on exclusive items donated especially to the ride, and other nice things to make for a life-altering experience. A memory of a lifetime!

Information, ride registration, and updates are available at MikeNosco.com. This is truly a ride like no other; people from all over the world have participated in the ride, including many professional cyclists, Olympians and other professional athletes. Notables, such as the incredible and generous Andy Hampsten, winner of the 1988 Giro de Italia, Steve Tilford, who drove out from Kansas! Our very own local pro and 6-time US Time Trialing Champion, Dave Zabriskie, and Tour de France cyclist, Chris Horner and Amber Pierce – just to name a few – there are literally hundreds of cyclists that come from all over the world to support the ride!

Please check out the YouTube videos, VeloImages photography by Brian Hodes, and other sites who have posted about the ride. Our ride has been featured in Road Bike Action, 805, and Mountain Bike Action Magazines. Ivan Basso even sent us his actual racing bike, signed, and we were able to auction it off on Ebay with all proceeds going to the charity!

I encourage you to get out on your bike to train and invite your family and friends to join us on November 3rd for the annual Mike Nosco Memorial Bicycle Ride. Let’s show this year’s recipients that we really care, and perhaps this day will be the day that changes their lives forever. Come be a part of this magical day!

We look forward to your participation. Thank you for helping me and my family turn a day of misery into a day of celebration!


Jack Nosco,
President CEO
The Michael P. Nosco Foundation, Inc.