Mike Nosco Memorial Bicycle Ride

Today, May 1st, is my brother’s birthday and so I thought it would be appropriate to announce the following regarding the future of what has become known simply as the “Nosco” ride.

Grief is the price you pay for Love and I’ve been grieving the loss of my brother for nearly 20 years now.

As amazing as this ride has become, it’s still a very difficult day for me and my family. The emotional toll is beyond words.

What we would like to do is put a hold on this year’s ride.

What does this mean? We will not have the ride on November 3rd 2024.

-Jack Nosco

Who is Mike?

On November 3, 2004, my little brother Mike Nosco was killed in a horrific and devastating traffic accident. Mike was a friend, an uncle, a soldier, a son and a great brother. He was in the Navy for 20 years and was dedicated to his country. Mike was part of a very special elite unit, HCS-5 (helicopter combat support), the Firehawks were their mark.