Celebrating 10 years! Introducing Nosco's sherpas.
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We greatly appreciate your support! Donations in any amount are truly appreciated. With your donation of $100.00 or more, you will receive a complimentary Mike Nosco Memorial Bicycle Ride commemorative jersey. With your donation of $200.00 or more you will receive a complimentary jersey, and a bib. Our exclusive clothing provider, Primal Wear, has partnered with the Mike Nosco Memorial Bicycle Ride to provide a top of the line, a high-quality custom kit designed with the latest sporting technologies and materials to create a unique, yet functional, kit year after year. Thank you for your generous donation!

Included in your donation is all the pain and suffering you would ever want in a ride, a free t-shirt, a free post-ride meal, the opportunity to bid on exclusive items donated especially to the ride, and other nice things to make for a great day.

Nosco Sherpa?*

In honor of the 10th Annual Mike Nosco Ride, we are introducing the Nosco Sherpas. In an effort to raise more for the foundation and help ten donors through a challenging day on the Nosco Ride, ten outstanding athletes have donated their time, expertise, and ride to become Sherpas. Your sherpa is your personal domestique for the day: devoted draft, coach, cheerleader, water bottle getter, storyteller, motivator, pacer, flat fixer, and all-around bicycle advisor. The “Sherpas” recognize that the Nosco Ride is challenging but that the challenge of the ride on a single day pales in comparison to what others, notably the recipients of the MNF, go through every day. It’s an opportunity to embrace the challenge, recognize the gifts we have and the abilities we have, to give back, and to live in the present. Want a Sherpa? Register today and select “Nosco Sherpa” under the donation amount to receive your Sherpa support, full Nosco kit, and Backmate Power Massager or Backmate Power Roller.

*Nosco Sherpas have all been reserved.

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Nosco Full Kit 2018

Pink Bibs 2018

We are excited to display the 2018 kit. Please consider donating $100 for the custom Primal Wear Jersey or $200 for the complete kit. Orders need to be received by August 20th in order so that you can have yours by November. We offer both yellow and pink in both Male and Female sizes.
*Please be sure to choose sizes for Jersey/Bib if you are making a donation of $100/$200 or more.


Registration is closed for this event.
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