Celebrating 10 years! Introducing Nosco's sherpas.
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Nosco Sherpa

What is a Nosco Sherpa

In honor of the 10th Annual Mike Nosco Ride, we are introducing the Nosco Sherpas. In an effort to raise more for the foundation and help ten donors through a challenging day on the Nosco Ride, ten outstanding athletes have donated their time, expertise, and ride to become Sherpas. Your sherpa is your personal domestique for the day: devoted draft, coach, cheerleader, water bottle getter, storyteller, motivator, pacer, flat fixer, and all-around bicycle advisor. The “Sherpas” recognize that the Nosco Ride is challenging but that the challenge of the ride on a single day pales in comparison to what others, notably the recipients of the MNF, go through every day. It’s an opportunity to embrace the challenge, recognize the gifts we have and the abilities we have, to give back, and to live in the present. Want a Sherpa? Register today and select “Nosco Sherpa” under the donation amount to receive your Sherpa support, full Nosco kit, and Backmate Power Massager or Backmate Power Roller.

2018 Sherpas

  • Eric Bostrom
  • Janel Holcomb
  • Jesse Anthony
  • Brad Huff
  • Lauren Hall
  • Tydeman Newman
  • Jess Cerra
  • Sam Boardman
  • Victor Sheldon

Meet the Sherpas

Eric Bostrom – Multi-time Raod Race & Dirt Track National Champion. Eric’s passion for two wheels and health have been a lifelong devotion. His love to help others achieve sustainable health has culminated into recovery brand Backmate.
Eric Bostrom INDY

Janel Holcomb – Retired from pro road racing in 2015, Janel now spends her 2-wheeled time coaching, riding road, gravel and dirt, and running #BorregoCamp every December.

Jesse Anthony – Jesse grew up riding a bike, first dominating the CX scene as a youngster and then transitioning to a full-time roadie. Jesse’s wins include a stage at the Tour of Utah, Redlands Classic, and more. Just retired from pro cycling, Jesse lives and trains on the roads of the Nosco Ride.

Brad Huff – Two-time National Criterium Champion, World Track Omnium medalist. Brad retired this year from pro cycling after 11 years of pro racing. He now joins us as a part of Amp HP, a Nosco Ride sponsor!

Lauren Hall – Winner of the famed Gent-Wevelgem, Worlds team member, and this year’s GP Gatineau champion. Lauren raced professionally for nearly 10 years, capping her career with United Health Care.

Tydeman Newman – U23 Cyclocross state champion. When not winning races in just about every discipline of cycling, Tydeman stays busy acing high school tests.
Tydeman Newman

Jess Cerra – Jess races professionally on the road, nabbing wins at races like the Redlands Bicycle Classic, while owning/operating her energy bar company, JoJe Bars, and cooking as a personal chef in her “spare” time.

Sam Boardman – Sam is an up-and-comer in the pro cycling worlds but no stranger to the Santa Monica Mountains! As a UCLA graduate, Sam cut his cycling teeth on these canyons.

Victor “Slasher” Sheldon – Multi-time World JetSki champion and cyclocross US champion. Victor is a multi-disciplined master and promotes the Quick’n Dirty mountain bike series in San Diego.