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Mike Nosco Memorial Bicycle Ride Recipients 2016

In memory of Howard Levy…







howard5Howard Levy was a loving husband, father and a cycling enthusiast. He was an active member of the Conejo Valley cycling community as a racer and as an ambassador for the sport of cycling. He was a fun loving guy with a playful spirit and is widely respected in this community. Howard has ridden in nearly every Mike Nosco Memorial Bicycle Ride, including the 2015 ride shortly before he was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer. Howard had a large tumor removed from his femur in his right thigh and had his femur reconstructed. Following surgery, he underwent chemotherapy and radiation. Unfortunately, Howard’s cancer metastasized to his lungs and he lost his battle with cancer in August 2016.

Being named a recipient for the 8th annual Mike Nosco Memorial Bicycle Ride has given the Levy family and the cycling community an awesome opportunity to honor Howard and also honor the sport that he was passionate about.


George Golden











George Golden is a gracious, caring and hard-working father and friend. George and his family have suffered tremendous loss over the past few years. After losing his daughter-in-law in a tragic accident in 2014, George’s son, Jonathan, lost his life while serving his country in Afghanistan. Throughout these past few years George and his family have stood strong and together, and continue to do so now in the face of George’s recent diagnosis of stage IV non-small cell lung cancer that has metastasized to his brain and bones.

George and his family are humbled to be named as a recipient for the 8th annual Mike Nosco Memorial Bicycle Ride.

Update: George Golden passed away December 2016


Caitlin Meaney

Caitlin3 Caitlin2 Caitlin1


Caitlin Meaney is a young, beautiful and vivacious daughter, sister and friend. Caitlin was recently diagnosed with a right humeral osteosarcoma; a tumor in her right arm. Osteosarcoma is a form of bone cancer that is prevalent in children and young adults. Caitlin is currently undergoing chemotherapy and will have to be homeschooled to keep up her studies as she is aggressively fighting this cancer.

Caitlin and her family greatly appreciate being named a recipient for the 8th annual Mike Nosco Memorial Bicycle Ride.


Jennifer (Sam) Gros

jennifer2 jennifer1

Jennifer (Sam) Gros is a vibrant, strong and independent young woman. She is an avid athlete, and has completed the famous Alcatraz Swim twice. She has also competed in more than thirty. Jennifer was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer and is fighting hard with an aggressive course of chemotherapy. Jennifer has been forced to put her career helping others as a physician’s assistant on hold so that she can focus all of her energy on her own fight against breast cancer.

Jennifer is very honored to be named a recipient for the 8th annual Mike Nosco Memorial Bicycle Ride.


John Van Mannekes


John Van Mannekes is a strong and caring husband, father and firefighter. As a Fire Captain with the Ventura City Fire Department, John has helped save many lives. John is currently on leave from his job with the fire department due to a yet to be diagnosed neuromuscular condition; doctors are working to rule out ALS. (aka Lou Gehrig’s disease). While on leave, John was in a head-on traffic accident when another driver swerved into John’s lane. John sustained additional injuries, including a broken sternum, multiple fractures in his finger and many bruises and abrasions. John’s wife and two high school age sons are accustomed to seeing John physically and mentally strong; they stand together to fight the unknown neuromuscular condition and recent injuries that are taking their toll on John’s body.

John and his family are humbled and honored to be named a recipient for the 8th annual Mike Nosco Memorial Bicycle Ride.


Velette Webb

Velette4 Velette3 Velette2



Velette Webb is an Air Force veteran and an incredibly strong woman. Velette was in an MTB accident while competing in last year’s Leadville 100. She suffered a concussion, six broken ribs, a broken collarbone, and a broken back. Velette had just started her cycling career when she was in this tragic accident and was left paralyzed. Velette is not one to give up on her dreams; she is determined to race in wheelchair marathons and hand cycle races, including the Paralympics. Go Velette!

Velette is greatly honored by being named a recipient for the 8th annual Mike Nosco Memorial Bicycle Ride.



Cindy Stoutenborough

cindy4cindy3 cindy2 cindy1

Cindy Stoutenborough is an amazing, strong and talented wife, mother and friend. Cindy recently was diagnosed with parotid (salivary) gland cancer.  With our support we could hopefully displace the fear and uncertainty with Hope and Courage!  Her family has been long time supporters of the Nosco ride!


Diana Rojo


Diana Rojo, is married to a long time friend and CRPD employee, Ruben Rojo. She is dealing with Lung Cancer and is currently on Hospice. Diana and Ruben have been trying quietly to deal with this and now is the time they both could use our help. You would recognize Ruben, as he has helped coordinate the rides start/finish at both Dos Vientos Community Park and Borchard Park.  He is usually the first to arrive and the last to leave on November 3rd.  Please keep him and Diana in your thoughts and prayers!

Update: Diana Rojo passed away December 2016