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Mike Nosco Memorial Bicycle Ride Recipients 2019

Denise Burke

In 2017, Denise Burke was diagnosed with Synovial Sarcoma, a rare form of cancer which occurs primarily in the extremities of the arms or legs. Doctors felt the best way to beat this was to amputate her lower leg, undergo chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Denise being the fighter she is, began her battle. Her dedication to overcome her cancer diagnosis has led to financial hardship. She had quit her job and has been on disability since last summer. Denise lives in Newbury Park with her three teenage children. As of 8/18/18, her last scan showed 20 new nodules throughout her lungs as well as the growth of 2 nodules they had been monitoring. Synovial sarcoma loves to spread to the lungs so they are very concerned about possible metastasis. Her doctor denied her release to go back to work.

John Van Mannekes

ALS, John was diagnosed with ALS almost three years ago. He has progressed from using a walker to scooter and now power wheel chair. He has also lost his voice and communicates using an eye gaze computer. His ability to swallow is almost completely gone and he mostly receives his nutrition via feeding tube. John is a retired, well respected and professional Fire Captain for the Ventura City Fire Department. He currently lives with his wife and two sons in Ventura.

Sean English

Stage 4 metastatic Kidney. Sean is a person who has been a ferocious fundraiser and motivator in the past. Sean has been a professional announcer in the cycling world and could use the help of this wonderful community. He lives with his family and a service dog in Auburn California. Insurance is not enough to carry the financial load.

Emma Knickman

Osteosarcoma, which has recurred 8 times over a 10 year period. Emma was our very first recipient (Andreas Knickman), more than 10 years ago. She is a shining example of perseverance and resiliency.

Pat Knowd

Fractured C7 and T1, paralyzed from the chest down, vehicle accident in Newbury Park. He is a father, husband and lives here in Newbury Park. This is from Pat’s brother shortly after the accident (August 2019) “Pat and his wife Patty and two children, Johnny and Kelly, have been showered with your prayers and offers of help which is getting them through this tragic event. God has a plan for Pat which is why we are celebrating that he is still with us, has no major head injuries and is able to move his arms. The road to recovery for Pat, Patty and the family will be long. He remains in the ICU this week and will be hospitalized for the next several weeks before he begins rehabilitation efforts.” [Update: Pat came home on Friday 10/4 and is continuing to heal thanks to the support of family and friends.]

Robbin Lund

Stage 4 Breast cancer w/bone metastases in spine. Robbin is a widow of 10 plus years and sole provider for her family. After aggressive back surgery and ongoing treatment she currently has physical limitations and has not been able to return to driving yet. Robbin will continue to be treated for metastatic breast cancer for the rest of her life requiring expensive treatments medications and possible future procures or surgeries. Robbin has a son in college and another son in high school.

Anita Phillips

Stage 4 Colon cancer. I would love to take the burden off my husband for a bit; he’s been working so hard and long hours extra days to make sure the bills are paid. The family has had to make sacrifices for my treatment and plans activities have had to be cancelled. Our extra funds go to my treatment and both medical and holistic and that isn’t cheap. Anita’s husband Rob, owns “Stotts Bike Shop” in Burbank and could really use the cycling communities support.

Aaron Robinson

On 12/31/15, at age 40, Aaron Robinson was diagnosed with Stage 4 Glioblastoma Multiforme, one of the most aggressive forms of Brain Cancer. In January 2016, Aaron had an Open Awake Craniotomy for his tumor resection surgery and did treatments at Hope4Cancer. Aaron has continued to do his home treatments, but has been experiencing increasing neurological symptoms and exhaustion from high and low grade tumor regrowth. Aaron will have his 2nd surgery October 10 – his biggest procedure yet – and then would like to follow it up with additional treatments at Hope4Cancer. Doctors at UCLA are estimating a 6 week recovery from the surgery, and then Aaron would like to go back to Hope4Cancer for 3 weeks. The costs of his medical care while closing their business are very expensive and they very much appreciate the financial help. They appreciate your prayers for his healing and wisdom. He is a wonderful husband to Jennifer and father of 2. Their family lives, runs their small business, and goes to school in Newbury Park. Their son, Jonah, a recent NPHS Grad, was on the Mountain Bike team and is applying to serve in the U.S. Army. Their daughter, Kayla, a freshman at NPHS, plays Volleyball on the JV team.

Brianna Linville

Brianna was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer that metastasized to her spine. It broke her spine in half and had literally disintegrated her vertebrae which caused her the most horrific pain she has ever endured & she has suffered the most agonizing & excruciating torment no one person should ever have to go through having had 11 brutal surgeries, 20 weeks of chemo, & months of radiation all in less than 5 years. The cancer completely constricted & was about to sever her spinal cord which caused her to be paralyzed from the waist down & confined to a wheelchair. She pushed herself through all of this physical & emotional pain in intense physical therapy sessions just to help her cope with her limitations as she had to relearn how to walk, dress herself, and move again. This illness has impacted her ability to work and has destroyed her career & dreams. To make everything in her life even more devastating this disease, being diagnosed at such a young age, has also effected her ability to have children. Now Brianna and her husband will never be able to have their own family or know what that feels like. She and her husband John live in Studio City with Brianna’s service dog.

Dean (DJ) Bennett

Dean “DJ” Bennett will be 41 yrs old on 11/6 of this year. He has an amazing wife and caregiver and they have 3 children, their oldest son, Cris – 20 yrs old is away at college in Texas, their daughter Abby – 8 yrs old and their youngest son, Jax – 6 yrs old. DJ adores his kids, he loves watching football and documentaries with them. He is always full of sunshine and makes friends where ever he goes. DJ can talk with someone he just met and it’s like they have known each other for years. On July 22, DJ was diagnosed with Stage III Nodular Melanoma which has now progressed to Stage IV Nodular Melanoma with Metastases. He has had a lot of medical issues to deal with in the past several years but this diagnosis has really been life changing. He is not himself but we are positive and faithful in the Lord that DJ will come through this and continue to help others who find themselves with this same life changing disease.

Jen Audia

Jen has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Uterine Cancer. She has undergone 2 surgeries, including genetic testing for more insight into her disease. Jen works for Giant Bicycle who has been a huge supporter of the Mike Nosco Memorial Ride. With the support of her partner and beloved pup, Jen hopes to bring awareness to Uterine Cancer and her journey.