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Full Course

Name Distance Elev. Diff. Avg. Grade
Deer Creek – all the climbs 5.2miles 1,500feet 5%
What? Two more miles of this? 0.1miles 82feet 11%
Lower Deer Creek Rd 1.4miles 803feet 11%
Deer Creek Rd 2.3miles 1,355feet 11%
Nosco Climbs – Deer Creek, Mulholland, Latigo 42.9miles 2,109feet 1%
Deer Creek – PCH to Yerba 6.0miles 1,539feet 3%
Deer Creek fixed 2.1miles 1,327feet 12%
Pacific view 2.1miles 1,280feet 11%
Deer Creek Rd Climb 0.6miles 288feet 9%
Mipolomol Peak to PCH Descent 4.3miles 1,495feet -7%
bottoming Yerba 2.6miles 814feet -6%
Mulholland Highway Climb 7.0miles 1,525feet 4%
Nosco Hammer Challenge – Mulholland 6.9miles 1,446feet 4%
Mulholland Hwy – Shalom, my friend! 4.8miles 932feet 4%
Mulholland: The final push to Decker 4.0miles 1,157feet 5%
Decker – Mulholland to Encinal turnoff 0.4miles 166feet 7%
Encinal Downhill 5.0miles 1,461feet -6%
Encinal DH 4.9miles 1,410feet -5%
Flyin down Encinal 4.3miles 1,217feet -5%
Latigo Canyon Rd – Summit 1 7.0miles 1,978feet 5%
True Latigo Climb (Not part way, half way but all the way) 9.2miles 1,982feet 4%
latigo first third 2.2miles 661feet 6%
True Latigo Climb 10.2miles 2,029feet 3%
Latigo > Bottom to Top 6.9miles 2,012feet 6%
Latigo 2nd summit 9.1miles 2,010feet 4%
latigo mulholland decker to westlake 17.3miles 1,962feet 1%
Latigo final summit 1.2miles 344feet 5%
I wonder how fast Faeron climbs this, hmm 1.8miles 311feet 3%
Decker Cyn Descent to Carlisle Rd 2.1miles 817feet -7%
Fortius Potrero West 7.3miles 537feet -0%
Potrero- Westlake to last crest 5.8miles 367feet 1%